Have you just made a workout playlist? What about playlists perfect for road trips? Let other Spotify users enjoy your smashing playlists! Share a playlist and relate with other music lovers.

Share a Playlist on Facebook

Let everyone listen in on your playlist! From jazzy tunes to hardcore rock, broadcast your music tastes on Facebook by sharing it!

1. Launch Spotify app and go to “Your Library”.

2. Select “Playlists”.

3. Choose the playlist you want to share.

  • You may also share playlists made by Spotify or other Spotify users.

4. Tap the Options button.

5. Select “Share”.

6. Choose “Facebook”.

7. Enter a caption!

8. Hit “Next”.

9. Tap “Share”.

  • You can also share your playlist on a friend’s timeline, album, and group.
  • You have posted your Spotify playlist on Facebook!

Share a Playlist on Messenger

Do you and your friends fangirl over the same artists? Send them your playlist and listen to the same songs together!

1. Select “Messenger”.

  • Allow Spotify to open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • You may also tap “Copy Link” and paste the link on your messages.

2. Add a caption!

3. Select a friend and tap “Send”.

4. Hit “Done”.

  • You have shared your Spotify playlist on Messenger!

Share a Playlist on Instagram

Do you want your Instagram followers to know what you’re listening to? Share a playlist and jam with them!

1. Select “Instagram Stories”.

2. Edit your Instagram Story.

  • You can add stickers, drawings, and texts!

3. Hit “Your Story”!

  • You may also send your playlist to “Close Friends”.

  • Or you can send the playlist as a Direct Message!

  • You have shared your Spotify playlist on Instagram Stories!

Share a Playlist on Twitter

Persuade others to listen to your playlist by posting it on Twitter! Tweet your tunes so that other people can enjoy it too!

1. Select “Twitter”.

  • Allow Spotify to open the Twitter app.

2. Add a caption before the link.

3. Tap “Tweet” to post the link.

  • You have tweeted your Spotify playlist!

Spread the Music!

Found a Spotify playlist that speaks to your soul? Share it with your friends online! Dance to the same songs and enjoy the same playlists. Who knows? You might just find other users who have the same taste in music as yours. Spread the music with Spotify!