Have you found a new song on Spotify? You definitely want to share it with your friends on Instagram! Spotify has made an easy way for you to let your Instagram followers know what you’re listening to. Share Spotify songs on your Instagram Stories with these easy steps:


Share from Spotify to Instagram

Your Instagram Stories say a lot about you. Let your followers know your taste in music and share your favorite bands!

1. Choose a track and press .

2. Swipe up and select “Share”.

3. Choose “Instagram Stories”.

4. Edit your Instagram Story!


  • Save, apply Filters, add Stickers, Doodles, and Texts!

5. Press “Your Story”.


  • You may also share your Story only to your “Close Friends” or “Send To” specific users.
  • You have shared a Spotify song on your Instagram Story!

What are you listening to?

What better way to share your favorite songs than posting an Instagram Story? Just select a song, share through an Instagram Story, and then post. Who knows? Maybe you can jam with your friends to the same songs!