Music is everywhere! And music has evolved along with the digital age. We have so many ways to listen to music nowadays, from radio to streaming sites. The options are endless! However, most of these sites and apps offer mainstream songs. Do you want to discover songs from upcoming artists and dance to new beats? We have the right app for you!

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Audiomack Music & Mixtape App

Audiomack Music & Mixtape App
Developed by : Audiomack Music & Mixtape App

What is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a free platform for artists to share their own music with their fans and soon to be fans. From famous artists to upcoming artists, anyone can upload their songs and share it on the app. You can even download the songs for free, and even share them on your social media accounts.

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Get Started!

1. Tap to launch Audiomack.

2. The app will ask you to allow notifications and turn on your location. Tap OK, GOT IT!.

  • You may also select Maybe Later?.

Get Acquainted with Audiomack 

There are five tabs that will help you search and upload the songs you want.


This is where you can find the playlists that you’ve made, your uploads, and followers. You can create your account here. Just follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Go to your Account.

2. Tap Log in/ Sign up.

  • Fill out the necessary information and tap CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

  • You can also sign up using your Facebook account.

3. Account created!



There are five sections to discover under this tab. You can look up artists, songs, and even playlist on the search tab.

  • Swipe to the left to check the different tabs.



You can browse the trending songs to the recently added ones.

  • Swipe left to see the other sections.



Looking for a playlist? This tab has 15 amazing sections that will help you find the right playlist!

  • Swipe to the left to check the 15 amazing sections.


  • You can even find songs to add to your playlist and even download the songs you like.


You’ll find the updates and latest songs from different artists and you can even look at the list of artists you’re following.

  • Swipe right or left to check out the sections.


More of Audiomack

1. Premium users can download songs as well.

2. You can upload unlimited number of songs.

3. Want to upload your own music? Sadly, you can only do it over the computer for now. So, if you’re an artist and want to share your original songs. Head to Audiomack’s website ( now.

Follow the Music!

With the ever-growing list of music streaming sites, one thing’s for sure. There’s only a few that offers a free platform for upcoming artists and Audiomack is one of best. If you want to discover new beats and songs, this app is for you! You might just discover upcoming artists that you might like. Have a fresh take on music. Listen, share, and discover!