Do you need to change your Facebook profile photo for an event or an announcement? Or do you have a cool vacation photo but you just don’t feel like using it for a long time? Make use of Facebook’s Temporary Profile Photo feature!

Add a Temporary Profile Photo

Display a new Facebook profile photo temporarily! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to your Facebook profile.

2. Press your current profile photo.

3. Tap “Select Profile Picture or Video”.

4. Select a photo.

  • You may upload a photo from your Camera Roll or select from your Facebook albums.

5. Hit “+ Make Temporary”!

6. Set duration for your temporary profile photo.

  • You may select “Custom” to set a custom time.

7. Type a caption.

8. Press “Save”.

  • You have added a temporary profile photo!

  • You may edit the duration by pressing your temporary profile photo…

And tapping “Edit End Time”.

Not for long!

Set a temporary Facebook profile photo and let Facebook change your profile photo back to your previous one after some time! You may use this feature to announce an event to your Facebook friends or for short-time display photos. For week-long celebrations, have week-long temporary profile photos on Facebook!