Does it feel like your days are dry and you can’t wait to quench your thirst for inspiration? If you try so hard to find your muse on social media but you just can’t, maybe you’re looking in the wrong app. You need something that could inspire you to get projects done.

Pinterest. From the words “pin” and “interest”, you can pin your interests and organize them. No other social media app can let you do that! Your special posts are called “pins” and you can organize them in “boards”. It’s just like an online pinboard of ideas and reminders! Get your inspiration back with these steps:

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Imagine a board in your room. You would sure pin photos or notes on it, wouldn’t you? It’s the same with the “boards” in Pinterest. And one board can be all about fashion, while the other is about sports. You decide!

1. On the “Saved page, tap the plus icon above your profile picture.

2. Choose Create board”.


3. Next, name your board and tap “Create”.

  • Make your board private by tapping the toggle button beside “Keep board secret”.

4. Board created! Start using it by tapping “Add section“.

  • Adding a section can help you sort your pins in a board.

5. Name your section and hit Next”.

  • The app will suggest names for your section.

  • Tap Skipto go back to your board.

6. Section created!

  • It looks like an empty thumbnail for now. It’s time to add your pins!


Just think of pins as the photos you stick to your wall. They may be the photos of your favorite memory or a photo when you won your first spelling bee contest. This is similar to the Pins on Pinterest. You can upload your posts as pins. You may “pin” other users’ posts, too!

Upload Photos

1. Tap the plus icon again.

2. Choose Photounder Pin”.

  • You can also have a website as a pin.

3. Tap on the camera icon.

  • You may also choose a photo from your gallery.

4. Your camera will be activated. Snap a photo by tapping the capture button.

  •  Tap  Use Photo”. You may press Retake instead if you are not satisfied with your photo.

5. Add the photo on your board.

  • Choose which section this photo belongs to!

6. Pinned! Your board will now show a thumbnail of your photo.

Add Pins from Home tab

1. On your “Homepage”, tap the photo you like.

2. Tap “Save” at the upper right corner of your screen.

3. Add the pin to the board.

  • Don’t forget to choose a section.

4. Pinned!

Pin Your Interest!

If you’re a fan of organizing things, Pinterest is certainly your home! The app is a home for your hobbies, interests, and dreams and you get to organize them yourself. And when followers find your profile, they will get to know you in a faster and easier way.

Anytime you feel uninspired, just look at your existing boards and remind yourself of your goals. Inspire yourself with your pins that are specially labeled in sections. Pinterest is all about you, so pin away all day!