It’s no secret that there will always be something bothering you when you go online, especially if it’s on Twitter. Inappropriate tweets can surely get in the way of your fun time. But don’t fret! Twitter prioritizes your privacy and comfort. Check the app’s Block feature out!


Block Through Account

  1.      Go to the user’s profile.

  1.      Go to the Settings.

  1.      Select “Block @username”.

  1.      Tap “Block” to confirm.

  • You have blocked the user through their profile!

  • You can still view their tweets if you want, but they can no longer see yours!

Block Through Tweet

  1.      Tap the Options button on the upper right corner of the tweet.

  1.      Select “Block @username”.

  1.      Tap “Block” to confirm.

  • You have blocked a user through their tweet!

List of Blocked Accounts

Do you want to check who else you have blocked? You can find the list in your account!

  1.      Tap your profile icon and go to “Settings and Privacy”.

  1.      Select “Privacy and Safety”.

  1.      Press “Blocked Accounts”.

  • Here’s the list of the users you’ve blocked!

Tweet Stress-Free!

There you go! Blocked users can no longer see anything from you, and you will not find them anywhere on your feed. They also won’t be able to follow you! Twitter is probably your safe haven, and you want to explore it as stress-free as possible. Maximize the app’s features and put your privacy and safety on top. Happy tweeting!