Everyone is fascinated with Pinterest. With the ability to create boards and pins of everything you’re interested in, it’s like organizing ideas! These boards and pins can be shared to the rest of the Pinterest community. You gotta share the inspiration too, don’t you? But what comes with creating boards for everyone to see, is also the wish to keep some of your boards a secret.

What is a Secret Board?

Pinterest has always been about sharing your boards and letting everyone see what your interest are. But there are some boards you just want to keep for yourself. With this option, it will let you hide your pins from almost everyone aside from the users that you’ve given permission to have a look.

How to Create a Secret Board

  1. Tap  to launch Pinterest.
  2. Go to your Profile.

  1. Tap “+” on the upper right side of your profile.

  1. Select “Create a Board”.

  1. Don’t forget to name your new board.

  1. Toggle “Keep board Secret”.

  1. Lastly, tap “Create”.

  • You now have a secret board, all of the pins you will put on your secret board will be kept a secret to everyone.

Heads up!

  1. Your pins won’t be shown to anyone.
  2. As the creator of a Secret Board, you are the only one who will be able to see your pins. Though you can always invite other users to see your secret boards.
  3. You can create unlimited number of Secret Boards.
  4. You’re the only who can make your secret board public.
  5. When you save a pin to your Secret board, it won’t show up anywhere on Pinterest. Even in your followers feed, or even in the activity page of your Profile.
  6. You can always make your “Secret” board public anytime you want.
  7. Once you make a secret board public, all of the pins, comments will become public as well.
  8. The invitation you sent to others will be made through email.

Keeping it a Secret!

Pinterest is a home for different ideas. It’s perfect for inspiration searching! Your boards and pins can inspire other users, too. But if you just want to keep a stash of secret pins, have your own Secret Board! Create, work, and be inspired your own way.