Make the best out of your Reddit lifetime. There is no other way to enjoy it than starting a thread and letting other Redditors comment and react on your post. Some of them might even share your post! Celebrate your first day on Reddit by creating a Cakeday post!

Tag along with these easy steps to create your first ever Reddit post.

Create Your Cakeday Reddit Post

Of course, you have got to experience the thrill of impressing other Redditors with your cakeday post. Go for upvotes and comments!

  1. Tap   to open Reddit.
  2. Tap the Create a Post tab.

  • You can create a Link, an Image, a Video, or a Text post.

      3. Select the kind of post that you want to create.

     4. Choose your viewers.


  • Redditors will see the post on your profile! 

      5. Compose an interesting title.


  • You may also add more texts to your post. But cut it short! Redditors like straightforward posts.

      6. Hit “Post”.

  • You have created a Cakeday post!

Be an official Redditor!

Happy cakeday! You are now an official Redditor. Don’t just be lurker… Make new friends and be a new member of unique communities. Don’t forget to keep your posts interesting! Also, Reddit credits Original Content…show and tell Redditors a new content! Upvotes and comments are on their way!