Do you have a funny story that you want to share on Twitter but 280 characters are still just not enough? Create a Twitter thread and let your followers read your story chronologically! Don’t get lost in your Twitter story by following these steps:

Create a Twitter Thread

Tell a story or compile tweets of the same topic in one thread!

1. Press the Create a New Tweet button.

2. Type a tweet.

3. Add another tweet by tapping the “+” button.

  • You can add as many tweets as you want!

4. Done adding tweets? Press “Tweet all”.

  • You have created a Twitter Thread!

  • After you’ve posted a thread, you can add more tweets by pressing the “Add another tweet” button below the latest tweet.

Tweet your Story

No more numbering your tweets just so your followers will know which tweet comes next. Start a topic and tweet on! Twitter threads are so helpful especially when you want to keep a story going. Start with a single tweet and add as many as you can! Create a Twitter thread and tweet your story!