Everybody loves parties, but sometimes the act of planning one can be a hassle. Especially when you’re having a hard time sending out invitations to other people! But thanks to social media, creating events has become way easier. Plan your events without breaking a sweat on Facebook!

Make the Event

Time bring out the party hats and blow some balloons! Follow these steps to make your party-planning easier:

1. Tap the Options icon.

2. Select “Events”.

3. Tap “Create”.

4. Select “Create Private Event”.

  • Choose “Create Public Event” if you want anyone and everyone to attend!

5. Name your event!

  • You can change the status of your event by tapping the options under Create Event.

  • Tap the picture icon to add an event cover. You can either upload a photo or choose from the given themes.

6. Tap on the date and time to change it.

7. Set the date and time of the event.

  • Tap “+ End Time” to let others know when the event will finish…

And then hit “OK”.

8. Put in the location of the event.

9. Add information to let guests know more about the event!

  • You may allow guests to invite their friends.

  • You can also have someone co-host the event with you!

10. Hit “Create”.

  • You’ve created an event!

  • You can change the event information through “Edit”.

Promote the Event

Setting the time and the location of the event is only the beginning. Invite your friends and hype up your event by posting about it!

Invite your Friends

1. Hit “Invite”.

2. Select the friends you want to invite!

  • You can also send them a note about the event on Messenger.

3. Tap “Invite”.

  • Your invites are sent!

Write a Post

1. Say something about the event by making a post!

2. Hit “Share”.

3. Tap “Share Now”.

  • You’ve posted on the event page!

Create an Event Story

1. Tap the Create Story button.

2. Hit the capture button.

3. Tap “Event Story” after editing the photo.

  • You’ve added a story for the event!

Plan for the occasion!

Gone are the days of manually sending out invitations for an occasion! With this, you can set dates, invite people, and post information about the event in the comforts of your phone. Plan and party all of your occasions with the help of Facebook’s Event feature!