Facebook’s Story feature lets you show your day-to-day experiences online. But sometimes, twenty-four hours isn’t enough to display your photos and videos. Gather all of your favorite Facebook Stories and create a Story Highlight to make your memories unforgettable!  

Compile Your Stories

Recall your fondest experiences by creating a Story Highlight! No need for you to search through your Story archives to enjoy reminiscing the moments.

1. Go to your Facebook profile.

2. In the Story Highlights section, tap “Add New”.

3. Choose the stories you want to highlight.

4. Tap “Next”.

  • You may tap “Add More” to add another story.

  • Remove a story by deselecting it.

5. Add a title to your Story Highlight!

  • You can also change the cover photo of your Story Highlight.

  • Control who can see your Story Highlight by changing the privacy settings.

6. Hit “Done”.

  • You have created your Facebook Story Highlights!

  • You can edit the highlight by hitting “Edit Story Highlights”.

Savor the Moments!

Story Highlights lets you save your most sentimental memories for you to come back to it anytime! There’s no time limit for how long your Stories can be viewed, and you can add or remove them anytime you want. Think of it as a visual diary, where documenting your life events has never been easier!