Not sure which outfit you want to wear to a concert? What should you buy your mom for her birthday? Or which is the best ice cream flavor? If you need your friends’ opinions, create a poll on Twitter! Let your followers help you decide in no time!

Create a Poll

Ask a question and let your followers cast their votes! Create a Twitter poll with these easy steps:

1. Create a new tweet.

2. Press the Poll button.

3. Write down a question.

4. Add your choices!

  • Tap the +” button to add more choices. You can have up to four!

  • You can hit the “x” button to remove all choices.

5. Set your Poll’s time length.

  • You can set the time from 5 minutes to 7 days.

6. Hit “Tweet”.

  • You have created a poll!

Cast Your Votes!

Isn’t Twitter just the perfect place to get some answers? Create a poll and let other Twitter users vote! Figure out the popular and unpopular opinions in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is simply ask a question, provide choices, tweet it, and watch the voting go down!