Have you ever wanted to tell a story using your Twitter posts? It could be about the evolution of your cooking skills or your OOTDs. It could be about anything! Your dreams of becoming the greatest storyteller can now come true. Let your Twitter followers be your audience through Twitter Moment.

Twitter Moments lets us compile our Tweets (and others’) in a form of a slideshow. Maybe you wanted to show the Christmas celebrations in different parts of the world. Now, you can stitch tweets together into one Twitter Moment! What a way to tell a story, right?

This feature rolled out in October 2015 and some still don’t know about it. If you’re one of them, don’t you worry! We’ll help you create your first Twitter Moment with these easy steps:

Your First Story

1. Tap   to launch Twitter.

2. On your Home Page, press your Profile icon.

  • Select Moments.

3. Tap the to add a Twitter Moment.

  • You may also tap Create a Moment.

4. Add a title and description to your first Moment.


  • Tap Done.

5. Time to add your Twitter Moment cover! Tap  .

6. Press the Camera icon.

  • Tap Select New Cover.

7. Tap the Camera icon.

  • You can also choose photos from your gallery.
  • Tap Ok to activate your camera.

8. Tap Use Photo.

  • You may “Retake” if you want to snap a different photo instead.
  • Great! Now you have a cover photo.

Start Your Story!

Time to add tweets to tell your story!

  1. Tap Add Tweets.

  1.  All your tweets will show up, starting from the latest. Tap a tweet or tweets that you want to include in your Moment.

  1. Tap “Add Tweets”.

  • Your selected Tweets are now included!

Customize and Publish your Story!

Time to tell your story to your followers.

  1. Add some colors! Tap  .

  1. Select and press the color you want.

  1. Tap Apply All.

  1. Hit Publish!

  1. Twitter will inform you about your Moment. Tap Publish.

  • If you want to save it as a draft, choose Finish Later.
  1. Your Moment will be published in a Tweet. Add a short caption and then tap Tweet.

  • Once published, it will be added to the list of Moments.

  1. Your first Moment is out! Go to your profile and check it out.

  • Swipe left to view the tweets.

Tell Your Story!

It’s always nice to have a trip down memory lane and it’s easy to do it with Twitter Moments! If you have been tweeting about your travels around the world, you can now use this feature to show your followers where you have been! You can even feature tweets from other accounts too! Tell your own story in tweets with Twitter Moments.