Do you want to take a break from social media? If you need to look at things outside your accounts, then you have to deactivate or delete some of them. Temporarily or permanently, it’s up to you! And if you don’t know how to deactivate or delete your Pinterest account, here’s a simple guide.

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Deactivating your Account 

1. Tap to launch Pinterest.

2. Tap “Saved”.

3. Tap the gear icon to go to your “Settings”.

  4. Press “Edit Settings”.

5. Scroll down and select “Deactivate Account”.

6. The app will inform you that you can reactivate your account anytime.

Ready to take a break? Tap “Deactivate Account”.

7. After deactivating your account, you will be redirected to the log-in page.

Heads Up!

1. Once you deactivate your account your boards and profile will not be visible on Pinterest.

2. If you have connected your account to your Facebook and Twitter, they will automatically be unlinked.

3. You can always reactivate your account anytime. Just log in again!

Deleting your Account

If you’re not planning to just take a break, it’s also possible to permanently delete your account. Maybe you’ve outgrown the app, or maybe you want to create a new account to start from scratch. For whatever reason, you can certainly follow these steps for account deletion:

1. Just like in account deactivation, go to the “Edit Settings” option from the Settings. But instead of tapping “Deactivate account”, tap “Close account“.

2. Pinterest will inform you that you will not be able to retrieve your boards and pins. Tap “Close account

3. Tap “OK” to confirm that you’re really deleting your Pinterest account.

  • You’ll be receiving an email confirming that your account has been closed.

4. Done! And you’ll be redirected to the log-in page.

Heads Up!

1. When you close or delete your account, you will not be able to get your Pins and Boards back.

2. Your account will be deactivated immediately upon deletion. And after 14 days, it will be completely closed.

3. If it hasn’t been 14 days yet and you change your mind, you can still log in and Pinterest will send an email for reactivation.

Take the Pins Away

We’re sure that Pinterest has inspired you to create things at some point. And your boards and pins have helped you to get to know yourself more! If you ever need to get back on track and create boards again, Pinterest will always have a spot for you.