Twitter is a social media app that gives you the latest and fastest updates. A tweet can only fit 280 characters so instead of posting one tweet, some users create a thread of tweets. They can easily flood your news feed and you’ll get updated with all the drama that’s happening.

Scrolling down to find the important updates could be tiresome and our daily activities also give us less time to check Twitter. Do you think you need a break from Twitter? You can deactivate your account with these easy steps.

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Deactivating your Account

  1. Tap to launch Twitter.
  2. Open your profile by tapping your profile picture found at the upper left of your newsfeed.

  1. Tap Settings and Privacy”.

4.TapAccount”. Scroll down and select “Deactivate your Account”.

  • It will show the deactivation information.  

  1. Tap “Deactivate”.

  1. Enter your password, and tap “Deactivate”.

  1. The app will be asking if you would like to deactivate your account.

  • Choose “Yes, deactivate”.
  1. Your account is now deactivated.

Heads up!

  1. You are given 30 days before your data will be completely removed from the system. So you can still recover your account if you change your mind.
  2. To reactivate your account, log-in anytime within the 30-day period.

No more Tweets!

You are now away from the Twitter drama. With all the updates, we can finally be able to concentrate on what’s really important. You can focus more on your daily activities and have a break from the social media updates. You can always go back to Twitter if you feel like being away makes your life feels dull. Just don’t be away for too long.