Tumblr has always been filled with creative minds. And they have a lot of interesting posts that liking and re-blogging them are just not enough.

Just like any other blogging site, we can follow our favorite blogger on Tumblr and be updated with their creations! But what if your favorite blogger is not active anymore? It’s time to unfollow them.

Learn to follow and unfollow users on Tumblr with these easy steps.

Through your Feeds

Find an interesting Tumblog on your feed? You can follow the blogger from there.
1. Tap   to launch Tumblr.

2. Find a post that you like.

3. Tap “Follow” beside the user’s name.

Through the Search bar

You may use the search bar to find a creator or a Tumblog you’re interested in.

1. Go to “Search”.

• Search for the name of the user you want to follow, or use any keyword.

2. Tap “Tumblr’s.

3. Press “Follow”.

Through a User’s Profile

If you know any interesting bloggers on Tumblr, you can start following through their profiles.

1. Go to the user’s profile.

2. Tap “Follow”.

How to Unfollow

1. Go to your profile.

2. Tap “Following” to see the list of users you are currently following.


3. Tap .

4. Press “Unfollow”.


• After unfollowing the user, a “Follow” option can be found at the right side of the username. You can tap it to follow the user again.


Keeping the List updated

Tumblr is a home for bloggers and there’s so many of them. Have you seen some interesting writers yet? If so, start following them! Be updated with their creations and re-blogs.

But if you’ve followed too many accounts already, there’s a huge chance that most of them might have already been inactive. So scan through your list and unfollow them.