Just had the best slice of cake in the world or the best time with your favorite pet? No better social media to share it on than Instagram! Especially when business is involved, you have to be where the customers are! You can never resist likes and comments from your followers. But if you have been on Instagram for a long time now and you can only count your followers on one hand, there must be something lacking…

If you are using Instagram for your online business, you need to spread your brand and get those followers fast! Nonstop posting may help, but it’s a hassle. Here’s an app that can do the job for you!

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Install 1000 Followers!

Direct Link: 1000 Followers

1000 Followers + for instagram

1000 Followers + for instagram
Developed by : hongcheng li

Log in

1. Open the app by tapping .

2. The app will show you tips. Swipe to proceed.

  • Tap “Open” to start!

3. Log in with your Instagram username and password.

  • Tap “Save Info” to avoid retyping your login info next time.

4. Logged in!


Coins and Followers!

Now that you’ve logged in, it’s time to get those followers… for FREE!

1. Tap “Free Coins”.

2. There are three options: “Get coins in offerwall,” “Watch the video,” and “Invite Friend”. Select one and tap.

  • You can only watch videos five (5) times a day.

3. When you reach a certain amount of coins, use them to buy followers! Tap the “+Followers” tab.

4. Tap the “?” to identify the type of followers you want. Choose wisely!

  • The advantages of getting Normal and Golden followers will be shown.

  • Tap on the “x” button after viewing.

5. With your number of coins, check how many followers you can afford and then tap to buy.

  • The number of coins you have is on the top-right of your screen.

6. Tap “Yes” to confirm your purchase.

  • Purchase successful!

Check your New Followers!

Just a few minutes after buying followers, check your Instagram account and you will find several real Instagram users on your list of followers!

Get Those Followers… ASAP!

Have your Instagram account reach more people! Share your content to as many users as you can with “1000 Followers”. With this app, not only can you gain followers, but you can also find new friends to share your hobbies with. And of course, your online business can turn global, too! With a lot of Instagram followers, the possibilities are limitless.