Every time the year ends, it’s normal to get nostalgic. It’s usually the perfect time to look back on your memories! And what better way to save and share your memories than to post them on Instagram, right? Reminisce and find out which of your posts got the most likes the whole year!

Get your Best Nine!

Instagram Best Nine is always the trend every year-end. Follow these steps to get your own:

1. Open your browser.

2. Go to “2018bestnine.com”.

  • You will be redirected to “2017bestnine.com”.

3. Type your Instagram username.

  • Make sure your account is public!

4. Press “GET”.

  • You got your Instagram Best Nine!

  • You may also view the “Square” version of your best nine.

Save and Share your Best Nine!

There goes your year! Share how great your year was with these nine best photos on your SNS.

1. Press and hold your Best Nine photo.

2. Tap “Save Image”.

  • You have saved your Best Nine!

3. Swipe up and press “Facebook Share”.

  • You may also share your Best Nine on Twitter.

4. Type a caption and hit “Done”.

5. Press “Post”.

  • You have shared your Instagram Best Nine!

To the best year so far!

Every year just gets better and better. Let your Instagram Best Nine remind you of that every December! Have your nine best Instagram photos in one frame and remember your best year so far. Simply enter your username and get that collage!