Have you posted a mouthwatering photo of a dessert last week but it only got 3 likes? You may have hundreds of followers but you keep getting less than 10 likes on your post. There must be something you need to do…

Popular clothing and shoe brands have a lot of followers, so they absolutely have thousands of likes. But do you need to be as famous as them just so you can get more than 10 likes? Definitely not! Just follow these simple steps used by social media influencers and your post will surely reach more people!

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1. Keep Your Account Public

For people to easily find you and your posts, make your account public. Everyone can see your posts, which means you’re up for a bigger audience! Not only you can get more likes… you might even gain more followers, too.

2. Use Hashtags

Add hashtags that are related to your posts. If you have been doing this before but still don’t get enough attention, try using relevant and popular hashtags that are related to your posts. Even if you only have 20 people following you, your posts can absolutely reach other users.

3. Add Locations

Show the people where you had your last heavenly slice of cake by adding the location of the restaurant. Adding locations to your posts allows people to relate to you, or stir their curiosity. It’s possible that they have tried the same meal from the same restaurant, and share the same experience! But if they haven’t been, then they might want to try it out too.

4. Give Out Details

Nothing beats a good story behind a good photo. Adding a caption or a text to your post is like showing them what’s happening behind the scene! Travel vloggers and nature photographers love to tell tales, and it certainly adds to the photos’ charms. Tell your own story, too!

5. Tag Popular Brands

Similar to adding locations, people will relate to you and your posts once they find out that you’re using the same cosmetics brand. Or maybe you have the same favorite shoe brand or favorite clothing line. Who knows? The more tags you have, the more likes you get!

6. Have Contests

People go crazy for contests and freebies. If you are promoting your Instagram account, you need more people and more likes. Try having a contest with great freebies! Your followers will totally like your posts and even tell their friends about it. And since your post is open to the public, other users will find it and participate. Your comments section will also be fired up! Online businesses usually do this on Instagram to get their brands out there in the market.

Make Your Posts a Surefire Hit!

Uploading high-quality photos and videos on Instagram may not be enough to get likes. If you’re starting a business or maybe you want to become a social media influencer, you have to level things up. Upload your best photos, tag your friends and brand names, and just put your posts out there in the world! Give your posts more voice. Use these easy tips and in no time, you might just be the next big thing!