Want to share a funny scene to your friends? Or join the #challenge trends making rounds on the internet? Go ahead, film ‘em! TikTok will provide you with everything you need!

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Start Recording!

1. Tap  to open TikTok.

2. Click the   icon to start.

Choose Your Music!

1. Tap “Pick a Sound”.

2. Scroll through a list of Hot Songs or your Favorites!

  • Tap the Star icon to add a song to “My Favorites”.

3. View Songs by genre or type!

Check out Party songs!

Going for comedy? Try Funny!

Need more variety? Tap options for more!

4. Tap the song to preview. Hit “Shoot with this sound” to use it!

Now, you can see the song you picked!

Switch Cameras!

Switch between the front and back cameras while filming with “Flip”.

Add Effects and Filters!


Feeling moody? Add filters to your video! Tap on “Beautify” or swipe left!

Enhance your beauty by smoothing out your features!

Change the shape of your face for added effect!

• Too dark? Turn the flash on!

• Is the song too long? Tap the “Timer”, and toggle the slider to trim the track! Hit “Start Countdown” when you’re done.


You may also instantly cut a huge chunk of the song with “Cut Song”!

Tap the check mark when you’re done!


Bring color to your videos with Effects!

Find out what’s hot!

Check out the newest effects available!

Or use only Face effects!

Speed ‘Em Up!

Get even more creative by changing the speed of the video!

  • You can also switch the speed while recording.

Ready to film? Click the Record button.

  • You can change between “Tap to shoot” or “Long press to shoot” by swiping left or right.

  • Pause the recording by tapping the record button again (for “Tap to shoot” mode) or releasing it (for “Long press to shoot mode”)!

• Click “Upload” to use existing videos on your phone.

• Not happy with a part of the video? Delete the last segment so you don’t have to start all over again! Tap the Delete button, and press “Confirm”.

Make Final Touches!

Add special effects!

Give your videos more impact with TikTok’s “Filter Effects!

  • Press and hold the effect you want to use.
  • You can add more than one effect to the video!

Put emphasis on a scene with the “Time Effects“!

  • Tap on the effect, and toggle the slider to the part you want to emphasize.

Set the video thumbnail!

Choose what the viewers will see first! Tap “Select Cover”, and pick any part of the video. Then, hit “Done”.

Add more filters!

Want to set a particular mood for your video? Choose from the additional filters available!

Adjust the volume!

Want to adjust the levels of your voice and the background music? Toggle the volume sliders! Just click the check mark when you’re done.

Change the Music!

Not satisfied with your first choice? Find something that fits your video better!

Tap “Next” when you’re ready to post!

Post It!

1. Caption your video to appeal to the viewers!

  • Add hashtags! Make it easier to find!

  • Tag your friends to notify them!

  • Choose to keep it Public or Private.

  • Want to know what people think? Allow comments on your video!

  • Share it on Twitter, or save it on your device!

2. Done? Hit “Post“!

  • Not ready to post it? Save it as “Draft” and get back to it later!

3. Wait for your video to finish uploading. The app will notify you once it’s done.

  • Share it on other apps! Just click on the icons!

You can find your video on your Profile page

…or on the “Following” panel under the Homepage tab.

Create the Best Videos!

Explore the different kinds of videos you can make, learn from other users, or discover more features! Collect hearts and fans, and be the best video maker out there!