Spoilers for your favorite TV show? Overly dramatic fans? Some Tweets might have content you’d like to avoid. Twitter gives you the option to remove these Tweets from your timeline by muting specific words and phrases. Keep your Twitter feed clean with this neat feature!

Mute Words

Tweets containing your muted words won’t appear in your notifications or timeline. Follow these steps to filter your content:

  1. Go to your Notifications tab.

  1. Tap the Settings button.

  1. Tap “Muted” and then choose “Muted words”.

  1. Tap “Add”.

  1. Enter a word or phrase.

  • You can only add one entry at a time.
  1. Select where you want to enable this feature.

  1. Choose how long you want the word or phrase muted.

  • Choose between Forever, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
  1. Hit “Save”.

  • You have muted a word!

  • Mute as many words and phrases as you want!

  1. Tap “Done” to exit.

Unmute Words

Has the hype died down? If you’re ready to see Tweets with words and phrases you’ve muted, you can easily edit your blacklist! Here’s how:

  1. In the Muted words screen, tap “Edit”.

  1. Select a muted word.

  1. Tap “Delete”.

  1. Hit “Delete word” to confirm.

  • You have removed a muted word!

  1. Tap “Done” to exit.

Control your Content!

You won’t have to worry about spam posts on Twitter again! Use the Mute Words feature to block Tweets containing certain words and phrases. You are in control of your online experience, and this feature makes it easier to avoid Tweets you don’t like. Start muting words and phrases for a better Twitter experience!