From everyday events to unbelievable occurrences, people love to share their experiences in life. And with Facebook’s My Day, you get to post instances of your day for 24 hours. So take photos and tell stories, because everyday is your day!  

Upload on Facebook

Are you so excited by something t

hat you just want to share it with the world? Then post it on Facebook with My Day!

1. Launch Facebook app and tap “Add to Story”.

2. Take a picture!

  • You may use boomerang, video, live, and speed for your My Day.
  • Tap the smiley icon to access the selfie filters!

  • You can also access your phone’s gallery.

3. Add Effects!

  • Choose effects from Popular, Recent, Photo Effects, Frames,and Facebook Filters.

4. Scribble on your photo! Drag your finger across the screen to draw.

  • Choose your brush color!

  • You can also add emojis to your photo.

  • Tap the undo button to reset your last action.

  • Don’t like how they look? You can always erase it!

5. Apply stickers!

  • Tap on the sticker to change its color.

  • Drag the sticker to the trash icon to remove it.

6. Tap “Aa” to add text.

  • You can add text color, borders, text alignment, and font.

7. Hit “Your Story” when you’re done!

  • You may also “Save” your photo to your gallery.

  • Tap “Next”to post your photo on your feed!

  • You have posted your Facebook My Day!

  • Your Story will be available for twenty-four hours!

Upload on Facebook Messenger

You aren’t limited to just posting your day on Facebook! Put up your moments on Facebook Messenger through these steps:

1. Launch Facebook Messenger app and tap “Add to Story”.

2. Capture a photo!

  • You may hold the capture button to record a video!
  • Swipe to use Facebook Messenger’s selfie filters!

  • Got a photo that’s perfect for My Day? Just tap the gallery icon.

  • You can also make a text photo instead!

3. Edit your photo.

  • You can add stickers, emojis, filters, text, drawings, and polls.

4. Hit “Your Story”.

  • You may save your photo to your gallery.

  • You may also send your Story as a Direct Message!

  • You have posted your Facebook My Day!

  • Your Story will be available for twenty-four hours.

Share Your Day!

Facebook’s My Day is an amazing feature that lets you document and share various moments of your day. From amazingly breathtaking trips to simple instances of happiness, you can now post them online for others to see. So share experiences that will make you say “It’s my day”!