Are you back from your vacation? You surely have tons of photos you’re excited to share on Instagram! No need to post hundreds of photos one by one. Just group your mesmerizing snapshots in one post with Instagram’s “Select Multiple” feature!

Post Multiple Photos

Can’t wait to show your followers an Instagram post made of breathtaking photos? Follow these easy steps:

1. Add a new post.

2. Go to “Library”.


  • You may adjust the orientation (square or full size) of your photo first, but note that this will affect the orientation of the other photos.

4. Select more photos.

  • Your photos will appear in the order of your selection.
  • You may also include videos! Select up to 10 photos and videos.
  • Drag your photo to reposition it.

5. Tap “Next”.

6. Edit your photos!

  • Tap on the photos to edit them individually.

  • Want to add more photos or videos? Press the “+” button!

7. Done editing? Hit the “Next” button!

8. Type a caption.

  • You may also add locations and share your post on other SNS.

9. Press “Share”.

  • You have posted multiple photos on Instagram! Swipe to view them all!

All in One!

A single post with 10 photos and videos? Convenient and organized! Compile your photos and videos and get lots of love from your followers. Simply use the “Select Multiple” feature, and then arrange, adjust, and edit. Post all your photos and videos in one go!