From pictures of adorable doggies to impressive images of Mother Nature, everyone loves looking at photos. And with Twitter, you can post your favorite photos in just one tweet. Share your best pictures online by posting multiple photos on Twitter!   

Post Multiple Photos

Do you have a batch of photos from your latest trip that you just want to share online? Then tweet them through these steps:

1. Tap the tweet button.

2. Select the gallery icon.

3. Choose the photos you want to post.

  • You can post up to four photos!

4. Press “Add”.

5. Put a caption!

  • You can also tag someone and add locations.

  • You can edit the photos by tapping on the edit and sticker icons.

  • Don’t want to include a photo? Just remove it.

6. Hit “Tweet”.


  • You have posted multiple photos on Twitter! Just tap to view them all!


Tweet Those Pictures!

Want to show your recent trip to the beach? All you have to do is gather your best photos and tweet them for all of your followers to see. Tell a story without words by posting multiple photos on Twitter!