From sharing personal moments to promoting businesses, Instagram consistently finds ways to provide its users the best online experience. Now, your friends can tag you in their Instagram Stories and you can repost them as your own too! Share memories and spread the word by reposting Instagram Stories.

Repost an Instagram Story

Surely, your friends tag you on their Instagram Stories about your night out. Repost their photos or videos and let your followers engage in some of the fun! Check out these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Direct Messages.

      2. View the tagged Instagram Story.

      3. Tap “Add This to Your Story”.

      4. Edit the story.

  • Play around with stickers, borders, texts, and filters!

      5. Hit “Done”.

  • The user who tagged you will be automatically tagged on your reposted Story.

      6. Select “Your Story”.

  • You may share the story to your “Close Friends” only.

  • You may also send the Story as a Direct Message.

  • You have reposted an Instagram Story!

  • Your friend will be notified of the repost through a direct message.

Share the Best Moments!

Instagram has definitely taken storytelling to a whole new level. Aside from creating fun Story threads with your friends, you can also promote your business, garner publicity for events, and get more engagement from your followers! Just check your tagged Stories and repost! With Instagram, the sharing just never ends!