Instagram is one of the most used social networking site in the world. Filled with pictures that are visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing, sometimes you just drool over it. There are times when you will want those photos in your own feed without stealing them, but… how? Do not fret! There is an easy way on how you can repost a photo:

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1. Install and open.

Install Repost for Instagram in your iOS device.

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Tap  to open Instagram.

2. Search post and copy link.

Find the photo that you want to share.

Tap   the in the upper right corner of the post.

Next, tap “Copy Link”.

And then, exit from Instagram and tap  to open Repost for Instagram. The link of the photo you copied will automatically be there. Tap the arrow next to the post.

3. Prepare post.

You can decide where to place the “Repost” logo.


There are four options: right, left, upper right corner, and upper left corner.

The “Repost” logo is necessary to give credit to the original post.


Tap ‘Repost’ and then the ‘Copy Caption & Open Instagram’ button.

Afterward, you can choose to post it on your feed or share it as an Instagram Story. Pick whichever you like!

4. Edit and repost.

You can edit the photo and add a filter before posting it!

Press and hold the caption text box and then tap ‘Paste’ to use the caption from the original post.

Or you can write your own caption! Write anything you want and be creative. Add emoticons, and don’t forget your hashtags! You may tag other users before pressing ‘Share’.

After doing all that jazz, you are now ready to press ‘Share’. And…


Have fun reposting!

Now, you’re ready to give your Instagram feed that look that certainly reflects you. From the places you want to visit, to the food you want to eat, or clothes you want to buy, repost and share! Instagram is filled with endless possibilities, so go have fun and make your feed a color and meaningful one.