Are you in the middle of composing a heartfelt tweet but something interrupts you?  You don’t have to leave your phone open to keep your post or even exit the app! Just like any other apps, you can also save your tweet as a draft and then continue writing again later. Don’t know how to save it? Just follow the steps below.

Save it as Draft

  1. Tap to launch Twitter.
  2. Press to Create a New Tweet.

  • Compose a  Tweet.

  1. When you’re done composing your Tweet, tap  “X”.

     4. Tap Save Draft.

You’ve now saved your tweet as a draft.

Access and Tweet it!

After saving your Tweet as a draft you can always access and tweet it afterward.

  1. Tap .


     2. Select “Drafts”.

  • You can see all your tweet drafts here.

  1. Select the draft you want to tweet.

     4. Before tweeting, add some hashtags and edit it.

  • Tap Tweet.

  1. Tweet Posted!

Tweet it Later!

Some days are busy for us. We often do a lot of errands and couldn’t update our followers about all the wonderful things happening around us. Twitter makes it possible for us to tweet our emotions and experiences fast. But if something comes up in the middle of composing your tweet, just save your incomplete tweet as a draft! You can also pile up as many drafts as you want and post them whenever you like it. So compose a tweet and share something good daily to your followers. Keep tweeting!