Twitter has always been one of the best SNS where you can express yourself. Tweet about anything! Had a rough day? Fangirling over your idol? Discovered a new cool song? Let your followers know! But if you want to converse with someone privately, Twitter has the feature for it too. Learn about Twitter’s Direct Messages!

Direct Messages

Know where your direct messages are and have as many private conversations as you want! Share your stories to specific Twitter users with these steps:

1. Go to your Direct Messages.

2. Tap the New Direct Message button.

3. Select a Twitter user.

Or search for a username or group.

4. Compose a message.

5. Hit the Send button!

  • You have sent a direct message!

  • You may also send photos, GIFs, and stickers.

Twitter Profile

If you happen to find an old friend on Twitter, you can send a Direct Message from their profile!

1. View the user’s profile and tap the Direct Message button.

2. Compose a message.

3. Hit the Send button.

  • You have a direct message through the profile!

Share a Tweet

Did your favorite celebrity Tweet an update about their show? Share the tweet via Direct Message to your best friend!

1. Press the Share button below the tweet.

2. Select “Send via Direct Message”.

3. Choose a Twitter user…

Or search for a username or group.

4. Add a comment.

5. Hit the Send button!

  • You have shared a tweet as a direct message!

Direct Messages Basics

Twitter’s Direct Messages feature is very convenient and easy to understand. Basically, you just use it to have private conversations with other Twitter users! Here’s a short guide on how the feature works:

  • You can send direct messages to users who follow you.

  • If you have enabled the option to receive direct messages from anyone, anyone can send you direct messages.

  • If you have sent a direct message to a user before, you will be able to receive direct messages from them as well.

  • If a user you don’t follow sends you a direct message, you will find the message in the “Requests” tab.

Direct and personal!

While your tweets can be out there in your followers’ timelines, you can also share your thoughts with specific Twitter users via Direct Message. Catch up with your friends or get to know new people and send them private messages. Keep the personal conversations going with Twitter!