Voice messages are incredibly convenient and helpful, especially when you don’t have the time to type long replies. Instagram’s update includes voice messages, and that means you can now exchange audios with your friends! Skip the typing and just talk it out!

Send a Voice Message

Aside from sending texts, and disappearing videos and photos, you can now leave your friends some voice messages! Simply follow these steps:

1. Go to your Direct Messages.

2. Select a conversation.

3. Press and hold the Record button!

  • Swipe to the left if you want to delete the voice message and release to send.

  • You may also swipe up to the lock button to record hands-free!

And once you’re done recording, you can simply press the Send button. Tap the Delete button if you want to restart the recording.

  • You have sent a voice message!

Talk it out!

Surprise your friends with your voice messages! Catch up by maximizing Instagram’s new features. Simply press and hold, and then release to send. Text messages are in, but voicing out your stories can be better! Record your message and have fun!