Who doesn’t love short TikTok videos? You definitely would want to share any entertaining clips with your friends. But what if their Internet connection or mobile data isn’t fast enough and they can’t watch them? Share TikTok videos as GIFs instead!

Share TikTok as GIF

You’d be surprised at how simple this feature is! As soon as you launch the app, look for a TikTok video you like and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the share button.

  1. Choose “Share as GIF”.

  1. Wait for the app to convert the video into a GIF.

  1. Choose “Messenger”.

  • You may also share the TikTok GIF on other SNS.
  • Allow TikTok to open the Messenger app.
  1. Choose a friend and then tap “SEND”.

  • Don’t forget to enter a caption!
  1. Hit “Done”.

  • You have shared a TikTok video as a GIF!

  • The GIF is also saved to your media library!

Keep it Moving!

In times when your Internet connection doesn’t cooperate, keep yourself entertained with TikTok GIFs! A quick and easy fix will convert the TikTok videos you love into animated GIF versions for you and your friends to enjoy. Keep things moving by sharing TikTok videos as GIFs now!