Instagram Story has always been the easiest way to express yourself and connect with your followers and friends.  Also, it’s a great feature for promoting products and providing entertainment. Even celebrities use this to update their everyday activities.  You can post almost anything on your Instagram Story but the popular one are short videos. But it’s a struggle to cut your video to the perfect length. You might have tried to do it manually and it took quite some time, so check out this app that will help you get the perfect length!

Install CutStory for Instagram

CutStory is a wonderful app that will let you split your videos into 15 seconds clips for your Instagram Story.  The app works seamlessly. On top of that, it also has an option to split your videos longer!

Download: CutStory for Instagram Stories

CutStory for Instagram Stories

CutStory for Instagram Stories

Edit your Story!

Do you have that fun video on your phone waiting to be shared? Edit your video first using the amazing tools in this app.  

1. Open the CutStory app.

2. Tap Video.

  • You can also make a story out of your photos.
  • Pick out the video you want to trim.

3. Choose your Layout.

  • There are six layouts:  1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 5:4.

4. Add Stickers.

  • You can choose from the four different kinds of stickers.

5. Add text to your video.

  • Edit your text with these features: font style, color, the background, shadow, alignment, flip the text, rotate, and top front to change the arrange of the text layer. You can also delete the text.

6. Change the background.

You can choose a color as a background of your story, or use a picture from your gallery.

  • You can choose a color as a background of your story, or use a picture from your gallery.

7. Flip your video.

8. Rotate the video to your desired view.


9. You’ve finished editing your video!

More Features

Create better clips by going premium.


Once you go premium, you can add music to your clips.


There’s always that small watermark in your video of the app. You can always remove it.

Trim and Save your Video

After editing your video, save your video and start trimming!

1. Tap the download button.

2. Tap Instagram to trim your video into 15 seconds per clip.

  • You can also set the length of seconds of your video. You can adjust the length of your clips up to 60 seconds.

3. After the video had been processed, tap the check button to save the clips to your device.


Share your Story

1. Open Instagram.

2. Tap the Camera Icon.

3. Press the gallery icon.

4. Choose the video you want as the beginning of your Instagram story.

5. Edit your story before sharing it.

  • Add a filter, stickers, texts,  and music.

5. Tap “Add your story”.

6. Press and hold your Instagram Story icon to add more clips.

Check out your story!

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Trim the perfect length

Instagram Stories is a special feature of the famous app to share your adventure and memories to your followers. And Videos are perfect for storytelling. Say ‘goodbye’ to those difficult video editing apps now that you have this app! You won’t be spending a lot of time just to trim those fun long videos.  With CutStory, you will surely create stories in perfect lengths!