Facebook is helpful for those who are looking to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. But it can sometimes get awkward, especially when you don’t know how to break the ice online. So get the ball rolling by answering quirky questions with Facebook’s “Did You Know” feature!  

Answer a Question

Got a penny for your thoughts? Share them by answering questions on Facebook!

1. Tap the post box.

2. Swipe up…

   And select “Answer a Question”.

3. Tap “Add your answer…”

  • You can switch questions by hitting “Next”.

  • Tap the “Previous” button to go back to the former question.

4. Write your answer!

  • Swipe to choose the background you want to use.

5. Hit “Share”.

  • You’ve answered a question!

  • You can answer another question by tapping “Answer Question”!

Answer Through Profile

You can also answer questions through your profile!

1. Go to your profile.

2. In the Did You Know section, tap “Add Answer”.

3. Tap “Add your answer…”

4. Type down your answer!

5. Hit “Share”.

  • You’ve answered another question!

Share your thoughts!

Let your online friends get to know you better by answering questions on Facebook! Answer them as truthfully as you can, or give your replies a touch of humorous wit. Give your friends a glimpse into your thoughts!