In this digital age, you can already connect with people around the world through Facebook. Even when the app has maneuvered several ways to improve their features, it  just doesn’t stop developing! Now that the world has been made smaller through social media, Facebook launched another update: Facebook Watch.


Facebook Watch is a platform for shows—live and recordedthat you can easily access. Here, you can discover shows that you might get hooked to. From the recommended top videos that most people have watched or talked about, grab the chance to interact with the rest of the world!


Get to know Facebook Watch


  1. Tap   to open Facebook.
  2.   Tap the Watch icon.

  1. Welcome to Facebook Watch!
  • Under your “Watchlist”, you will find the channels that you’ve subscribed to. Pages where you’ve watched videos before will also appear.

  • If you tap “See All,” you’ll be able to view all the pages that you follow.


Watch All You Can

Once you know you way to the feature, you can now spend hours and hours watching interesting videos! Yes, you may find them everywhere

Top Videos for You

The moment you open Facebook Watch, you will find suggested videos related to shows you’ve watched before. Just scroll down and tap whichever interests you!

  • If a video has the “Show” icon below it, it means there are other episodes. Tap it and have a marathon!



Of course, you already have your favorite channels and pages, right? You can just tap one from the Watchlist and check out what you haven’t watched yet!



Can’t find that video? No worries! You can just search for it instead!


     1. Tap the Search bar

2. Type the title of the video or keywords.

     3. Choose from the search results!


React, Comment, and Share! 

Love the video? Go ahead and let the world know!


If the video made you cry or say “Wow,” you can certainly ‘react‘ accordingly! Just press and hold the Like icon and slide across the reaction you want.


You reacted love on the video!


After reacting, find out if other people felt the same way! Press the Comment tab and read through. If you’ve got something to say, type in your comment and hit send!



Of course, you need to make your friends know about your new favorite video! Make them laugh or cry happy tears too by tapping the “Share” button. You may share and post it on your profile, or send it as a private message!


Follow Channels and Pages!

Facebook Watch is not just about your favorites. Videos that you might enjoy will be given to you, too! And if you find a video that struck you, you may follow the page or channel to keep yourself updated. Just tap the Options icon and select “Follow”.


Save Videos for Later! 

Time to take a break from Facebook Watch but still have one more video that you want to watch? You can save it for later! You can also do this for videos that you just can’t stop watching over and over again. Press the Options button and tap “Save to watch later”.


And when you already have the time, just tap the Menu button and select “Saved”.


Binge-watch your collection!

Gotta Watch ‘em All! 

There’s just a lot of things that you can do on Facebook Watch. And great news! It is available for both mobile and desktop. Try it now and choose from the long list of cooking shows, vlogs, sitcoms, docuseries, game shows, and news programs. Don’t forget about the trending live events, too. Keep scrolling! And once you start, you will never miss out on anything anymore.