Music videos are no longer limited to the rich and famous. You can be like the superstar in your very own music video with Funimate! Let your imagination run wild as you direct, produce, and star in short video clips that you can enhance with a variety of special effects.

There’s no app like Funimate – Be Music Video Star! As a community-based music video clip editor, you can shoot videos with awesome effects and collaborate with other members! Express your creativity through this amazing and easy-to-use app.


Funimate - Be Music Video Star

Funimate – Be Music Video Star
Developed by : Avcr, Inc.

Shoot a Video

Let the fun begin! Follow these steps to create the perfect music video clip and be an instant star:

  1. Tap and select “shoot a video”.

  • Allow Funimate to access your camera, microphone, media library, and photos.

2. Select background music for your video.

  • You can also use the sounds from videos in your gallery or iTunes library. If you want to create a silent film, “record without music”!

3. Press and hold the Record button.

  • You can set the timer to record hands-free!

  • Tap to  apply a simple camera filter and tap  to see through your previous shot!

4. When done recording your first clip, tap “collab” to record another video!

  • You can choose between normal, fast, and lapse recording modes.

  • You will see an opaque version of your first video as a guide while filming your second!

  • Mashup your videos by tapping “continue with 2 videos”.

Edit Your Video

The fun doesn’t end there! Funimate offers loads of special effects to animate your video clips. Add filters, magic text, touches, and shapes. You can even insert sound effects for more impact!

1. Add color to your video with several filters to choose from.

2. Add effects to merge your two videos together!

  • Make them switch from one to another, stack them upon each other, or even multiply your screen to see twice of both videos at the same time.

3. Add magic touches to your video!

  • Drag your finger across the screen to apply effects from rainbows, fireworks, and paint splatters!

4. Type out words or phrases and animate them for more effect!

  • Scale and rotate the text to make phrases dance across your screen!

5. Add some flair to your video by including shapes with exciting special effects!

6. Add stickers!

  • Take a photo with your camera or select an image from your media library to include in your video.

7. Insert sound effects for more impact!

  • Tap on sounds like fireballs and magic wand sparkle for fantastic effects, or car honks and drum stings for comedic effects. There’s a perfect sound for every moment!

Save and Share Your Video

Are you ready for your debut? Save and upload your video so the community can see your talent! Make sure to say something about your video to get your fans excited:

  1. Press the Share arrow.

  2. Enter a caption and then hit “publish now”.

  3. Select any SNS to share your video.

  • Funimate will ask permission to open the app you want to share your video to.
  • You have rendered and uploaded your video!

Explore Funimate

Superstars stop at nothing to be in the spotlight. This is just the beginning of your journey to music video superstardom! You will have to pave your way through by learning from the pros! Watch and enjoy the music videos by other Funimaters, keep up with the best creators, and get inspired to shoot the best video you can!


Witness the talent and creativity of the Funimate community! Scroll through a variety of short music videos and indulge in the imagination of Funimaters.

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Watch official Funimate tutorials to learn the process of shooting the best video clips!

Watch Funstarz who are already established in the music video clip community!


Discover more Funimate videos and members!

Use Hashtags to find specific clips with labels that interest you.

Look who’s on top! Watch the videos by the Top Funimaters whose clips have gained the most likes in the past day.

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Keep track of your Funimate progress in your profile! Here you can find all the video clips you’ve made and liked. Edit your profile and write a biography to tell other users about yourself. You could include links to your other SNS accounts as well!

Be a Music Video Star!

Play every part in the making of your music video. Plan out your ideas, shoot wherever you feel like, and edit your video with the best effects. The possibilities are endless! You definitely have a creative vision to share with the world. Go ahead, don’t wait! Start the fun with Funimate!