Even in your Instagram account, you have your “close friends”. And not all the Stories you post are for everyone! If you have a major Story that only your closest friends need to know, use Instagram’s new feature: Close Friends!

Create your List

Keep your friends close… and your best friends closer! Create your list with these easy steps:

1. Go to your profile.

2. View the menu.

3. Press “Close Friends”.

4. Hit the “Add” button!

  • You can also search for an Instagram user.

And press the “Add” button.

  • You have created your Close Friends list! Press “Done”.

Post an Exclusive Story

Now that you have your Close Friends list, you can post Instagram Stories that only your close friends can see!

1. Record a video or capture or select a photo to post.

2. Press the “Close Friends” button.

  • You have posted an Instagram Story exclusive to your close friends!

  • Your Close Friends Instagram Stories will be in green circles.

  • If you are listed as someone’s “Close Friend”, you will also see a green circle on their exclusive Stories!

Keep them close!

Nobody will have access to your Close Friends list, and only you can add or remove users. Exciting, isn’t it? No need to create a separate Instagram account for your close friends. Just create a list and then post exclusive Instagram Stories! Have fun with some major gossip… only with your closest friends!