Instagram has got to be the best place to upload beautiful photos. You just gotta maintain your #FeedGoals! Well, you will never run out of breathtaking sceneries, but what if you just want to focus on a certain subject? It’s time to make use of Instagram Focus…

Use Instagram Focus

1. Tap the Camera button.

2. Swipe and look for “Focus”.

3. Find a face or a subject!

  • Move closer so the subject will be focused. The background will immediately appear blurry!

4. You have been focused! Snap a photo…

Or press and hold the capture button to record a video!

  • You may record up to 15 seconds. If you want to stop recording, simply let go of the Capture button.

5. Edit your post…

  • You may use filters and add stickers or GIFs! Also, doodle away and add all the texts you want.

6. Press “Your Story”.

  • You may also save the video to your device or send it as a direct message.

7. You have posted an Instagram Focus video as a Story!

Click to open GIF!

All Eyes on You!

Focus on one thing and blur everything out. Capture soulful photos without ever getting out of focus! Instagram just really knows every tool that you need, doesn’t it? Get the attention that your IG feed and Stories deserve with Instagram Focus!