Instagram is a reliable app for sharing photos and videos. And from when it was first launched, its updates have always been about better features! In 2016, “Instagram Live” was launched and users have started sharing their lives more. Imagine going to a concert for the first time and broadcasting your experience. It makes everything even more fun, right?

Broadcast your live video stories and let your followers have a glimpse of your life in real time! Get to know Instagram Live and see what you can do with the feature:

Go Live!

Are you having an interesting day? Go live and let everyone on Instagram know!

  1. Launch Instagram by tapping .
  2. Open the camera.

  1. Select “Live”.

  1. Press “Start Live Video”.

  • Your followers will be notified that you’re live!
  1. Let Instagram check your internet connection…

And… you’re live!

Live Tools

Aside from talking to your followers and showing them around, there are available tools that you may also use while you’re live. Interact with your audience and have a great time together!


Read comments from those who are watching you and reply to them!

You can tap a comment and pin it!


Do you want to adjust the settings? Just tap the options button.


  • You may disable comments and requests from your audience.


If you want to let your friend know that you’re live, press the Share button and look for your friend’s name. A link will be automatically sent! In no time, your friend will be having fun with your show too.


Go Live With

It will be more exciting if you have guests in your own show. You can “Go Live With” a friend! Just invite them to watch your live video and then add them as guests!


When they accept your invitation, you’ll both be live at the same time!

  • Users watching your live video can send you a request, too.



Take your live video to another level by using filters! Make it wacky or magical. You can even be comical if you want!


  • You can switch from the back cam to the front while you’re live!

Save your Live Video!

Did you know that you can keep the broadcast you just aired? Post your live video story for anyone who missed it and your friends who like to watch reruns!

  1. Tap “End”.

  2. Press “End Live Video”.

  3. Save your Live Video!

  • Your Live Video has been saved to your gallery!


  1. Activate the Share feature.

And tap “Share”.

  • Your live video will be available for viewing for 24 hours!


Live in the Moment!

With this new feature, you can now show your followers all moments — as they are happening! Have a friend who couldn’t join your beach party? Launch Instagram Live! Have a sibling rocking out to a band’s concert you couldn’t attend? Connect through Instagram Live! Watch your idols’ live videos and go live yourself, too. Instagram Live truly brings you closer to the rest of the world!