The fact that you can record a video and replay everything that already happened is already super cool! And you can upload them everywhere we want, reliving and sharing past moments anytime you want. But what if you could record something… and make it look like it was being done backward? Even way cooler, right? Go backward and post cool Instagram Stories with Rewind!

Use Instagram Rewind

1. Tap the Camera button.

2. Swipe left and look for “Rewind”.

3. Ready? Press the Capture button!

  • You can record up to 15 seconds. If you want to stop recording, simply tap the Capture button again.

4. You have recorded an Instagram Rewind video!

Click to open GIF!

  • You may edit your video with Instagram’s editing tools. Add a filter or some stickers and GIFs! You can even doodle or insert texts.

5. Tap “Your Story”.

  • You may also save your video to your device, or send it as a direct message.

6. You have posted an Instagram Rewind video as a Story!

Click to open GIF!

Going Backward!

It’s amazing to watch things as you rewind them. People walking backward instead of forward, and things flying up instead of falling down? They’re interesting and funny! Instagram Rewind can give your Instagram Stories a different—and cooler—point of view. Relive and rewind moments in a more fun way!