Do you want to meet and have fun conversations with other teens and millennials? Monkey is the perfect app for you! Monkey is a random video-chatting app designed for the younger generation. Instantly make friends from all over the world with Monkey!



Developed by : Monkey Squad, Inc.

Start Video Chatting!

Get to know other users and make new friends! Launch Monkey, let the app match you with another user, and then start video chatting by following these steps:

1. In the Home tab, tap the screen to start video chatting.

2. Add a Filter and use Tags for your video chat.

3. Adjust the Match Control.

    • Press Talk to to select a gender.

    • Toggle the Nearby switch to let the app match you with users who are geographically close.

    • Enable “Text mode” to shift between video and text chat modes.

    • If you have more than 5 in-app friends, you can go into a “2P” chat, where you can bring a friend along to your conversation!

4. You have been matched with someone! Hit “Accept” to start video chatting.

    • Once Monkey pairs you with another user, you can view their username, age, and location. The app will also indicate whether that user has chosen video chat or text chat.
    • The other person should also tap the “Accept” button so you can video chat.
    • You may press “Next” if you want another match instead.

5. Matched and accepted! You have 15 seconds to chat!

    • If the other user is doing something offensive, you can tap the Policeman icon to report them!

    • Enjoying the conversation? Both users should tap on “Time” to add 5 more seconds.

    • Add the user as a “Friend”! You can only become in-app friends if both of you add each other.

6. Time to end the conversation? Press the Bye icon.

Start Text Chatting!

Feeling a bit shy to video chat? No worries! You can still get to know new people in Monkey through text chats. Make sure you have enabled the Text mode, wait for the app to find you a match, and then converse!

1. Tap “Accept” to start text chatting!

2. You are text chatting! Type and send your message.

    • Tap on Sound if you want to hear each other.

    • Add your match as a friend by pressing on Friend.

3. Time to end the chat? Tap the “Next” button.

Share a Moment!

Share short videos and get discovered by the community with Moments. Let Monkey know what’s up and meet other users who share the same interests!

1. Go to the Moments tab and press the Add icon.

2. Press and Hold to record a video!

    • You may switch to or from the front cam and use available filters!

    • Want to upload an existing video from your media library instead? Press the Gallery button!

3. Edit your Moment!

    • You may add a Text and a Question.

4. Set a cover for your Moment.

5. Upload your Moment! Press “Send to”.

    • You may also save your Moment to your gallery by tapping the Save button.

6. Select a Tree, which will serve as the tag for your Moment.

7. Hit Post!

    • You have shared a Moment!

Explore Monkey

While Monkey is an app that lets you have random video chats with other people from around the world, it also has some other cool features! Explore the app and see everything that you can do with it:


If you have already made some in-app friends, keep in touch with Monkey’s Message feature! You can also view messages sent to you by other users, as well as search for your IRL friends who are also using the app.


Do you want to just have random chats? Just tap the Home tab and it’ll take you right where you want to be!


Share your day and explore the community in the Moments tab! You can also view other users’ Moments and discover friends.


Let people have an idea about who you are by customizing your Profile! You can change the settings of your account as well. Check out how many bananas you’ve collected, and redeem merch for free!

Go bananas with video chat!

Making new friends is always fun, especially when you get to meet them even when you’re miles apart. Video or text chat with people from around the world with the Monkey app! Find matches, talk about your common interests, and then add them as friends. It’s not hard to reach the farthest parts of the globe with Monkey! Meet as many people as you can and go bananas with your new online friends!