Haven’t you heard? Reddit brought forth the popularity of moth memes! Everyone has been talking about moths and lamps. You might be thinking where to get the latest memes? Without a doubt, Reddit keeps millions of users updated. If you really want to be posted about everything that’s happening in the world, Reddit is the answer.  

Time to get to know the best social news and media aggregation!

Install Reddit: Trending News

Reddit is a massive host of millions of communities from all over the world. Users can post any content and comment on others’ posts. You can watch out for the latest news and game updates and join discussions.


Reddit: Trending News

Reddit: Trending News
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Reddit Jargons

Reddit has several invented words and they might overwhelm you along the way. Shrug your worry off! You can rely on the list below:

  • Cakeday : Happy Cakeday! The moment you’ve made your account, you’re officially born… in Reddit. When you post or comment, a small cake icon appears near your username to let everyone know that you’re a newbie.
  • Subreddit : Reddit consists of small communities called subreddits. Subreddits can be public or private. It can be a small community like “fans of BTS” or a broader one like “K-pop.”  You can identify a subreddit when you see “r/[name of subreddit].”
  • TL;DR : Too long; didn’t read. Well, be warned. Whenever you see TL;DR, there’s a long post waiting to be read! These posts would take you five to ten minutes to read.
  • Upvote : Upvote is basically “like” on Facebook and Twitter. If a post has a high number of upvotes, it’s expected to be on the top page of the site. Simply tapto upvote. The arrow will turn orangewhen you’ve cast your vote.
  • Downvote : Downvote is the complete opposite of Upvote. If you disagree with the post, you can tap. The arrow will be colored bluewhen you’ve turned in your vote.
  • Karma : No, it’s not like what you think. If you post links, you gain “link karma.” If you comment on a thread, you get “comment karma.” Basically, your Reddit Karma is an ego boost. It’s not that much of a big deal but you know, it won’t hurt to go for high karma points. The moment your Karma goes down, the frequency of your posts will be limited.
  • OP : Original Poster. You’re an OP if you have started a thread on Reddit.
  • X-posts : These are posts submitted to a subreddit but have already been posted on a different subreddit first.
  • OC : Two thumbs up for Original Content. Redditors usually upvote OCs. So, be original!
  • Lurker : If you merely open Reddit to read posts, you’re a lurker. You came to Reddit to participate in conversations, so go interact with other redditors!

Explore Reddit

Know your way around Reddit! Discover its corners and curves.

Your Profile

Go to your profile by tapping your Avatar.

Your username is right below your profile picture.

          • When you post or comment, your username will appear like “u/[your username].”

You can also view your Karma and Reddit age on your profile.

Take a look at what other Redditors see on your page when they visit your profile.


You can also adjust your settings on your profile dialog box.  


And switch your Reddit timeline into night mode!


Posts Tab

It’s time for take off! Discover what’s the fuss about Reddit being the front page of the Internet.

You can visit News, Home, and Popular posts.


Of course, the News section gives you the latest news on any topic.

Simply swipe left or right to choose a topic and Reddit will display the latest news for you!


Scroll through the Home section to view posts by other users!

Press “Best Posts” to sort your posts the way you like it.


Tap the display view settings to change your feed style.


          • You can choose among Card, Classic, and Media Gallery.

The Card style immediately shows you the title and content of the post.


Classic Style only displays the title. Give it a tap and the texts will appear.


If you want to view the photos of the posts, you would want to choose Media Gallery.



Wanna view only the best posts for this week? Go to the Popular section quick!

Vote, Comment, and Share

Did the post make you giggle? Give it an upvote. Or if the post made you sad, show it through a downvote.


Do you have something to say about the post? Or do you have questions for the Redditor who created the post? Comment your queries and impressions!


Let others see what made you laugh today! Share the Reddit post on other social media.


          • You’ve tweeted a Reddit post!


If you’re looking for a particular subreddit, find it on the Search tab.


          1. Type the keywords and Reddit will find it for you!


          1. Select from the display results.

          1. Visit the subreddit and subscribe.


          • You’ll be more updated about your favorite K-pop group!


Join room chats or send a direct chat. There’s a lot of ways to find friends on Reddit.


Enter Rooms if you want to talk to a certain group. Select from all the groups suggested by Reddit.


Hit “Join” and start typing your message. Tell them about how excited you are to be on Reddit. Or ask away!


Press the send button. And wait for other Redditors’ response to your first message!


Wanna talk to a fellow Redditor? Send him/her a direct chat! Go to “Direct” and press “Start Chatting”.


Find the Redditor on the chat search bar. Then, select from the search results.


Say something about yourself or…the secret is to talk about your cat. Cat facts sound interesting to anyone.


          • You have sent your direct message!


Beep! You have a notification. Open your messages from your Inbox.

View your activity and direct messages.


Create a Reddit Post

Of course, you have got to experience the thrill of impressing other Redditors with your cakeday post. Go for upvotes and comments!


Check this out and be an official Redditor!

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Have you read it?

Reddit hauls your online experience up to the highest level. Come to think of it, you will be one of the first to know about the happenings in the world! To enjoy your Reddit birth, don’t just be a lurker. Feed on others’ posts and interact with other Redditors. Keep reading! Reddit has got thousands of hilarious posts for you. No one’s gonna ask you again if you’ve Reddit!