Have you ever wanted to take a break from a conversation in your Facebook Messenger? Perhaps too many messages are coming in and you aren’t ready to go through them just yet. Muting the thread won’t stop from notifying you when you get @mentioned, and leaving the conversation is not an option. Luckily, now you can ignore messages without having to be notified that you received them!

Ignore the Conversation

  1. Tap to launch Facebook Messenger.
  2. Press and hold the conversation that you want to ignore.

3. Tap “More” and select “Ignore Messages”.

4. You will be notified about what ignoring a conversation entails. Tap “Ignore Messages” once more.

5. You’ve successfully ignored the conversation!

  • Now, you won’t be notified when you receive messages in that conversation! The sender will not know that you have already received or seen the message.

View Ignored Messages

Ready to talk now? You may read the messages you’ve ignored and un-ignore them by sending replies!

  1. Tap on the “People” tab and select “Requests”.

2. Tap on the conversation you ignored under “Filtered Messages”.

3. Reply however you want and you’ll no longer be ignoring the conversation!

  • You have un-ignored the conversation! The person can now see if you have received or seen the messages, and you will be notified if there are new replies.


Ready When You Are!

Sometimes, you just aren’t ready to go through your online conversations. Muting them does not stop notifications and blocking them is a bit too much.. It’s a good thing the Ignore feature of Facebook Messenger goes in-between muting and blocking, making it easier to set these messages aside until you’re all set to read them! Be in control of your conversations and maximize the app’s convenient feature.