Want to make or watch music videos with a twist? Tell a story and make some friends with the TikTok app!

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What is Tiktok?

TikTok is currently one of the leading short video platforms in Asia. It allows users to create a wide variety of short clips—from funny, cute, to ones with an unexpected twist! On Tiktok, you can also enjoy videos by other users and share them to your friends!

The app is perfect not just for making and watching creative videos, but also for socializing!

Install the App!

  1. Install TikTok from the App Store.

Direct Link: TikTok-global video community

TikTok-global video community

TikTok-global video community
Developed by : BYTEMOD PTE.LTD.

Get Started!

Create your Account!

  1. Once installed, tap   to open the app.
  2. Sign up with your phone number. Enter your number and click “Send Code”.

  • Careful! You are only given 60 seconds to enter the code. If you can’t do it within the time limit, don’t worry! You can click on “Resend” to get another code!

3. Type in the “Verification Code” you will receive, and click on  to proceed. Now, you’re logged in!

Navigation Tabs

Explore TikTok quickly and easily using these tabs!

Homepage Tab

On the Homepage tab, you can see the latest video uploads on the app recommended “For You”.

Scroll down and watch what other users have made!

Check out the user’s profile by clicking on their Profile Photo, or by swiping left.

Like a video by clicking on the  icon, or double-tapping on it.

Read and add comments on the video by clicking on the  icon.

Too cute not to share? Click on the  icon.

Want to know what music they’re using? Clicking on the Vinyl Record icon!

  • You can also choose to see only the videos of users you follow. Just tap on the “Following tab.

Search Tab

On the Search tab, you can see the latest trending videos. You can also search other users or videos through the “Users”, “Sounds”, or “Hashtag” filters.

Add Video Tab

To add your own video, you can click on  at the bottom of the screen.

Select which music to use.

Add filters, effects, and beautify yourself.

Change the video speed.

Switch between the front and back camera using “Flip”.

Once you’re ready, tap on the red button to start recording!

Inbox Tab

Find all your notifications on the Inbox tab! You can choose to filter it by “Fans, “Likes”, “Mentions”, or “Comments”.


The Fans button will notify you who’s followed you!

  • You may also follow them back.


The Likes button will notify you of any new likes on your videos.


When a friend mentions you, you can see them under Mentions!


You can read any new feedback on your videos from the Comment button!

Profile Page Tab

Update your profile! Click on the Profile Icon to go to your profile page.

Your Personal Information

By clicking on your profile photo, you can start editing your information.

You can change your Nickname, TikTok ID, and profile photo.

  • The more unique your ID is, the easier it is for your friends to look you up!
  • You can also sync to your other social media. Just click on these and log in to your social media accounts.

Hit “Save“, and your profile will be updated!

Videos and Likes

You can also see the number of people you are following, your fans, and the likes on your videos.

View all your videos (public and private) under the “Video” tab.

Under the “Likes” tab, you will see the videos you’ve liked.

Fans and Hearts

See how many people you follow, and how many followers (Fans) and likes (Hearts) you have on this panel.

Join the Fun!

With its millions of unique users, this app will surely make you enjoy a wide variety of videos. Find people in your circle and enjoy videos together, interact with celebrities, and even become your own celebrity! Be creative and wow the world!