A lot of SNS apps support QR codes now, and TikTok is one of them! You can use them to find friends across the app and even share videos on your profile easily. With your unique code, all you have to do is scan away and let the code it do its magic!

Find and Save your QR Code

All TikTok users have their very own QR Code. Find yours and check out how it works!

  1. Launch the app and tap the Profile button.

     2. Tap the QR Code button.

  • You have found your TikTok QR Code!

     3. Press “Save Image”.

  • You have saved your TikTok QR Code!

Share your QR Code

Using QR Codes is really fun and convenient! Send yours to friends so they can find you on TikTok and join in on watching and making short, trendy videos!

  1. Go to your Photos.

     2. Tap your QR Code.

     3. Tap the Export button.

     4. Choose Messenger.

  • You may also share your TikTok QR Code on other SNS.

     5. Enter a caption.

     6. Select a friend.

     7. Hit “Send”.

  • You have shared your TikTok QR Code with a friend!

Scan a QR Code with TikTok Camera

Use TikTok QR codes to find friends within the app. Just ask them for their TikTok Code, and then simply scan away!

  1. Go to Search.

      2. Tap the Scan button on the upper right corner.

      3. Use your camera to scan a code!

  • You have scanned a TikTok QR Code!

Scan a QR Code from Gallery

Do you have someone’s TikTok QR Code saved on your gallery? Let TikTok help you find that user’s profile even without direct scanning!

  1. Tap the Scan button.

  1. Tap “Photos”.

  1. Tap your friend’s QR Code.

  • TikTok will automatically scan the QR Code!

  • You have found your friend on TikTok!

Scan Away!

TikTok QR Codes are things of the future! Use them to promote your TikTok account or connect with friends. Check out your QR codes now and just scan away for simple and easy access to TikTok profiles!