Feeling more creative with your Tweets? Try Twitter Live! You can Tweet in real-time via video broadcast and watch your followers comment and react live! Using this feature also means your video gets posted on Periscope, which gives you an even wider audience reach! Go on and start broadcasting your Tweets now!

Create Your Live Tweet

Experiment with a new style of Tweeting! Follow these easy steps:

      1. Tap the Compose icon.

        2. Tap the “Live” icon.

        3. Create a Tweet!

         4. Press “Go LIVE”.

  • You are now Tweeting live!

  • You may opt for an audio-only live tweet. Simply swipe down and press the Audio button.

       5. Done live tweeting? Swipe down and tap “Stop Broadcast”.

View and Edit Your Live Tweet

Watch your live tweet and make some changes by following these steps:

      1. Tap the Play button to view your broadcast.

  1. Want to make a few tweaks? Tap “Edit Broadcast”.

      3. Edit your Broadcast Title.

      4. Adjust the Start Point of your broadcast.

       5. Press “Save Changes”!

  • You can save your broadcast video to your phone by tapping the More button and selecting “Save to Camera Roll”.

View your Stats

Check the number of viewers and comments that your live broadcast received!

  1. Press “View Stats.


  1. Check your number of viewers and comments!

  1. Tap “Done”.

      4.Hit the “X” button.

  • You have created a live tweet!

Livestream Your Tweets!

Use Twitter Live to promote events, businesses, or gain a horde of new followers! With Twitter Live, you can create more engaging content that you and your followers can enjoy. Start broadcasting your Tweets live!