Do you have a concert to attend to but you’re torn between two great outfits? Or are you planning a vacation and you’re not sure whether you want to go to Paris or Brazil? Get help from others by letting them vote! The Wishbone app is the perfect app to ask for and voice out opinions. Fashion, food, celebrities? Compare two choices and find out which is better!


Wishbone - Compare Anything

Wishbone – Compare Anything
Developed by : Science Mobile


Compare and Vote

Check out cards on Wishbone! Help other users decide by giving out your vote. Simply launch the app and tap your choice…

And that’s it! Have fun picking a side. Press “Let’s go” to start.

1. View a card and tap your choice.

2. Voted! Swipe up for more cards.

    • You may also share cards, view profiles, follow or block users, or report posts.

    • Boost cards to feature them or share them on Snapchat and other SNS!

Create a Photo Card

Are you still torn between two teams? Use the app to ask for people’s thoughts and come with a decision!

1. Press the “+” button.

2. Enter your question.

3. Tap the “+” button to insert a photo.

4. Choose from your library.

    • Don’t forget to allow the app to access your gallery! You may also take a photo or search the web.

5. Select a photo.

6. Crop your photo and then hit “Choose”.

7. Reposition your photo by dragging it to the left or right.

8. Tap the “+” button to add another photo.

9. Done? Hit “Post”!

10. Choose a vote animation.

    • Vote animations are effects that appear when a user casts a vote.

11. Press “Save”.

    • You have created and posted a card!

Create an Emoji Card

If you got that idea in your mind but you’re not sure if it’s really a good one or not, find out by asking other people about it! Let the emojis do the talking…

1. Tap the single frame button.

2. Press the first empty circle to add an emoji.

3. Choose an emoji!

4. Add another emoji by tapping the other empty circle.

5. Press the “+” button to insert a photo.

    • Choose a photo from your library! You may also take a new one or search from the web.

6. Insert text.

7. Hit “Post”!

8. Choose a vote animation.

9. Press “Save”.

    • You have created and posted a card!

Explore the App

The Wishbone app is all about polls. Go around and give out as many votes as you can!


Vote on a dozen cards (and some bonus cards) and earn Wishes!

You can also search for users and topics to find more cards.

Send direct messages to other users! Make new friends and exchange cards. Just make sure that you follow each other!

Do you want to boost cards? What about getting featured? Earn Wishes and collect them in your Wish Bank. The more Wishes you have, the more vote animations you can afford!

Community Feed

Find the hottest cards and get a say on them!

Explore different categories and make the voting endless.

Fashion? Celebrities? Simply select and vote away!

  • Complete streaks and earn Wishes.

Leaderboard & Recommended

Who are the most followed users? Who has the most interesting cards? Find out in this tab and follow them!


Wishbone creates your account the moment you launch the app. You are given a thoughtful and sweet default username too! You can personalize your profile by connecting your account to your email.

Don’t forget to check your activities! Get to know your new followers and maybe follow them back!

Questions and ideas!

Having a hard time deciding things? Wishbone is your answer! Vote on various cards and find other users with the same interests. Earn Wishes and get featured! People have different tastes, so cast your vote and try on as many polls as you can. Compare anything on Wishbone and find out which is hot or not!