There are hundreds of ways to get new followers on Instagram. You may use the proper hashtags or customize your posts and profile to make your account attractive. But if you’re still new on Instagram, it might be difficult to get millions of followers with just these tricks.

No need to worry about managing your new account for now. There are apps that can help you get more followers in just a day! Actually, there’s too many of them, so we narrowed them down for you! With these three apps we have chosen, you can increase the number of your followers in a nick of time.


This app, our top pick, needs you to get coins to buy real followers. What makes it the best? It actually has A LOT of functions that make you earn coins!

Install Likes for Instagram – Insbook

Likes for Instagram - InsBook

Likes for Instagram – InsBook
Developed by : JunJie Liu

Easy Mode

InsBook has an Easy Mode!  If you’re not picky with whoever you are following or whichever posts you like, just activate it and you’ll earn coins even when you’re out doing something else. In just a matter of minutes, you can get hundreds of coins.

Cheap +Likes/Views

Other apps let you buy likes, too. But with Insbook, you can specify which posts you want to get more likes. So if you have a campaign or a contest that needs to get more attention, this feature can really help you. It also has the cheapest prices. For 10 likes, all you need is 20 coins.

Free Coins in the Store

Can’t wait to earn more coins? Buy them instead! The in-app store gives discounts as big as 80%.

But of course, the Store is not just for buying coins. You can also get some for FREE! Just watch videos and complete game missions.


This app certainly has a lot in store for you. It has functions that are not available in other apps and these involve getting more coins in a shorter span of time! The app also has a simple interface and advertisements that you will surely love!

  Install Followers AI Pro for Instagram

Followers AI Pro for Instagram

Followers AI Pro for Instagram
Developed by : Justin Mou

Cheap Followers+

Similar to other apps, you can buy followers for a minimum of 100 coins.

Free Coins

This is the best feature in this app. You can get 10 coins every time you log in and 100 coins for every friend you invite to sign in on this app. Not in the mood to follow other accounts or like posts? Logging in is enough, and just tell your friends about the app instead!

If you have suggestions, you can give them a quick feedback in this tab.

Likes QR

Not really having fun with the coins? Save more time but still get followers with this app! And if you don’t really like advertisements, good news: You won’t find any of them here!

Install Likes Get Followers for QR Code Post

Get Followers for QR Code Post

Get Followers for QR Code Post
Developed by : Shengqiang Li

Money > Coins

The other apps make you buy coins so you can use them to get followers. Take a sharp turn from that feature and try this shorter process out! In this tab, you can buy followers and likes directly. You can immediately get 3 followers for a very low price!

Discounts and Limited Time Offers

The app also suggest their best prices! Just look for thenext to the number of Fans.

The app also offers great deals for a specific amount of time. So if you want to avail them, better check the app often so you won’t miss their limited time offers!

Scan and Create QR code

Can this app get any better? It sure can! Scan and create a QR code for your Instagram account!

What’s Best for You?

Is your Instagram for business? For personal use? Or for popularity? These apps can get you the followers you want, but everything depends on what you need them for.

If you’re a little short in money and time, you can rely on Insbook. You can get your coins faster for free with the Easy Mode. You can just sit down and relax. You might not even need to spend a dime! It also has the cheapest value for Likes and Followers.

When you’re not in a hurry to get more Followers, install FollowersTracker. It has fewer features but it’s quite similar with Insbook. The best thing here is the fact that logging in can already help you earn. And if you want even more coins, just invite your friends! Don’t forget the amazing discounts, too.

Speaking of discounts, nothing beats Likes QR. FollowersTracker and Likes QR have the best value, but the latter has greater limited time offers and discounts. And aside from the money matters, there’s also this QR code that can make things easier for you!

Ready to get your Instagram account out there? If you’re not in the mood for hashtags, locations, or captions, no sweat! Just try these apps out and decide which features you’re more comfortable with. Get the attention that your Instagram profile deserves!