Since the rise of Instagram Highlights in 2017, everyone has been using them on their profiles to create an album of their Stories. And these albums can be about anything: Stories that show food, travel, clothing, exercise routines, and others. Having an Instagram Highlight is great when you want to show something to your followers, but how do you get them to notice it right away?

Whether you’re in an online business or you just want to have an aesthetic Instagram profile, highlight covers can catch your followers’ attentions. Instagram Highlights are one of the first things people see when they check your profile, so it helps if your IG Highlights really pop! Here are some of the best places on the Internet where you can get and create beautiful highlight covers for free:

Recommended Apps and Blogs

Steph Burns

Steph is an online blogger who shares stories about motherhood and lifestyle. She also makes blog posts related to Instagram, including free Highlight Story covers. Check out her free highlight covers and see which of them fit your aesthetic!

Different Themes

Steph currently has five differently themed highlight covers, each with a style that is eye-catching to everyone! From a minimalist pink theme to a comforting autumn style, these highlight covers will make a huge difference to your profile. And if you want more, you can always get customized highlight covers from her for a small fee!

Easy Download

These days, downloading photos from the internet can cause them to downsize in quality. Thankfully, Steph has all of her highlight covers uploaded on Google Drive. Simply follow the download link and you’ll have those high-quality highlight covers in no time!


Ah, Pinterest, the perfect place to find some creative highlight covers! As one of the biggest social platforms where artists share pictures and videos, there’s no shortage of free highlight covers for you to use.



Developed by : Pinterest

Searchable Highlight Covers

Are you going for a marble aesthetic? How about a watercolor one? Whatever kind of highlight cover you want, you can find it on Pinterest! You can either use the search box to look or choose from the filters provided.

Wide Selection

Like a specific style and want more of it for your highlight covers? No worries! Pinterest provides you with similar works so that you can have an even wider range of options to choose from. Just swipe away and explore!

Highlight Cover Maker

Few apps are solely dedicated to making sure you have the best personalized highlight covers, and Highlight Cover Maker App is one of them! You don’t even need to be an experienced visual artist to enjoy the experience. With its simple and straightforward design, you’re sure to produce the most unique highlight covers while you also get more creative with each practice!


Highlight Cover Maker

Highlight Cover Maker
Developed by : an ouyang

Free Templates

If you’re on a budget but still want to amp up your IG Stories game, then Highlight Cover Maker can back you up with its free templates. No need to spend a single dime! Just a few taps and you get to choose from many styles that are equally gorgeous as those in the Pro Version, for the price of nothing!

Minimalist Style

The designs in the app are all different, but with a unifying theme of being straightforward. So if you want your IG profile, specifically your IG Stories, to say “functional but creative,” then you will surely love the app’s minimalist take on highlight covers!


Want to play around with more editing tools? Canva is an all-around design app, which means you can also make amazing highlight covers for your Instagram Stories! Start with a blank canvas and create your designs from scratch or choose from their selection of over 60,000 free templates!


Canva- Graphic Design Creator

Canva- Graphic Design Creator
Developed by : Canva

DIY Highlight Covers

Do you want to have a more personalized approach to your design? With Canva, you can make it happen! Choose a blank canvas and play around with the editing tools. Watch as your ideas materialize in just a few minutes!

Share Your Designs

Find out what your friends think about your designs! Share them on any SNS and invite them to try their hand at making their own highlight covers too!

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

Similar to Canva, Over Edit & Add Text to Photos app is devoted to helping its users bring their ideas to life using its customizable editing tools. Make amazing graphic art out of photos, and add texts to further customize your highlight cover designs!


Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos
Developed by : Over, Inc.

Text-Style Highlight Covers

Adding texts to your highlight covers is a great way to further personalize your designs. The app lets you do exactly that by offering various templates and font styles that will definitely make your highlight covers more striking.


You don’t have to finish your design in one go. Over app lets you save your work as a “Project”, enabling you to go back and work on it whenever you want!

Instagram Highlight Icons & More!

Do you want to personalize your own Instagram Highlights but you just don’t know how to create your own icons? No worries! Having a beautiful and well-organized Instagram profile doesn’t have to come with a price. Sometimes, you only need a few taps. There are a lot of apps and blogs that have free Instagram Highlight covers, thanks to artists who understand our needs! Keep your Instagram Highlights creatively labeled with these free icons while you’re still learning to create your own covers.