Have you ever dreamed to be the next PewDiePie? If you think you got what it takes to entertain and influence people, be the internet’s next big star! Talk about your life, experiences, and recent travels online with the help of live streaming apps.

You don’t need to try every live streaming apps out there! Just choose one from the list and find the right audience you want.


Do you know Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers? Or the Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie? Their accounts on Periscope can give you a glimpse and teasers of their new projects and everyday lives. Hollywood actors and actresses even have their own accounts here. Find out more about this star-studded app!

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Periscope Live Video Streaming

Periscope Live Video Streaming
Developed by : Twitter, Inc.

Stars / Super Broadcaster Program

The biggest reason why famous people turn to Periscope is their Super Broadcaster Program. You can become a full-time broadcaster in Periscope and you won’t have to worry about earning! Broadcast interesting topics and earn Stars. Then, sign up to the Super Broadcaster Program and turn those stars into cash.



Comment Moderation

Worried about abusive comments? Periscope will let your fans be the judge! They can vote whether the comment should be hidden or the commenter should be muted. You can also help other broadcasters help moderate comments and invite others to help you out too.


If you like listening to popular radio stations or watching TV shows, this is the right app for you. The app has a wide selection of shows such as basketball matches and even the latest news!

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Developed by : Livestream Inc.


Ready to become a pro in live streaming? Purchase any of the Broadcasters Pro options and connect it with your app. Broadcaster Pro lets you stream live from any HDMI camera. Connect one to your app and start sharing interesting contents like a pro!


If you’re just here to watch, this app has a simple interface. Just press the menu button and the categories will be listed down. Choose one and you’ll get to see the live and upcoming shows. You can also watch previous broadcasts!

VK Live

Be part of the VK community by signing up to VK Live! You can only join this fun live streaming app if you have a VK account. Not only you can go live but you can also make friends in the community.

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VK Live

VK Live
Developed by : VKontakte

Income / Balance

Gift sharing is popular in this app. Once you get one, you’ll get VK votes too. The votes can be used to buy VK stickers and gifts. Find the best topics you can think of for your live stream and receive gifts from your fans.

Stream Visibility

If you’re planning a surprise for your friend’s birthday party, show it to some of your friends on VK Live. Since the app is connected to your VK account, you can be sure that your plans can only be shared with your friends.

Instagram Live

Instagram is not just an app for posting photos and short clips. Vloggers use it too to go live! If you have an Instagram account, just tap your profile picture, swipe right and go live!

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Developed by : Instagram, Inc.

Stickers and Images

Got some photos to share with your fans? Show it to them! You can even use your favorite stickers on Instagram during your live streaming and act all cute!

Go Live with

It’s always fun when you’re with friends, so include them in your live stream! They don’t have to be at the same place as you are. With this feature, you can invite your friends on Instagram to be on your show.

Facebook Live

Have a million subscribers on your Facebook account? You can go live with just your Facebook app and share your fun contents with your fans and even chat with them through the comments section. Since there are a lot of Facebook users all over the world, it’s one of the best apps to share your recent getaways!

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Developed by : Facebook, Inc.

Want to know what your viewers think about the band who’s currently playing live? Start a poll during your live stream!

Live Video Options

Did your viewers like your recent Gambas tutorial? Save and share them in different ways through the options given after your live stream.

Chit Chat Live!

The internet has given the new generation some new dreams. Some want to be great social media influencers and some want to become vloggers. Everyone wants to share fascinating updates to inspire other people!

The next step is to list down the type of viewers you want! And choose the best settings you want from the list of live streaming apps.

If you want to be the next big thing in the live streaming industry, know the celebrities secrets through Periscope or even be followed by them! Become a full-time live streamer and earn money from the app. And once you’ve become a hit in the Periscope world, get people to review comments and censor them if need be.

Want to know the latest score in a basketball match? Watch on Livestream! Get the important information from the list of shows they have for everyone. Just choose from their wide categories. If you’re a pro with broadcasters, just connect one with the app and turn yourself into a TV host of your own show.

If you have a VK account, you can sign up for VK Live! Say goodbye to the long process of creating a new account. If you feel that you’re still not confident, do a trial show to your group of friends. And if you make it big in VK Live, you’ll receive gifts from your wonderful fans!

Do you have a lot of followers on Instagram and Facebook? Live stream from these apps! Be cute with Instagram stickers or know which dress looks good on you with polls. Or even make your show funny and go live with a friend from Missouri while you’re in Taiwan! Save your live video in HD too with Facebook’s saving options.

If you have finally decided the app to use for your very first live stream show, it’s time to plan your show content and chit chat live with your fans!