Ever explored Instagram and found users who have that blue and white badge beside their names? You may have noticed one and just did not mind it, but then you saw another one. So you wonder… “What is this thing on their profiles?!”

Sometimes, when you search for a certain user in Instagram, you will find a “verified badge” (Yes, that’s what they are called!) beside their Instagram account names. If you are really curious about that tiny check mark, it’s high time to know what it really is.

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What is “Instagram Blue Tick”?

The Instagram “blue tick” or “verification badge” is the  you find beside Instagram account names in both search and profiles. When a user has this, it means that his/her account has been confirmed as authentic by Instagram.

Who has them?

  • Public Figures

  • Celebrities

  • Global Brands

As of now, only global brands, celebrities, and public figures have Instagram blue ticks. If you check out some of your favorite actors and actresses, artists, or maybe even politicians, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a verification badge beside their names.

Why is it needed?

A lot of accounts in Instagram are “fake”, “parodies”, or “impersonations” of real people. You know how some people use other people’s photos and posts, right? These accounts can be used to spread fake news about a certain celebrity or public figure. Or worse… they can be used for scams while they hold a big brand’s name! Scary.

That’s why it’s important for certain users to be “verified” or “confirmed” as authentic, especially for global brands. Since these global brands use Instagram to update loyal customers about their products and services, the verification badge certainly helps users identify which is fake and which one they should definitely follow.

Also, you don’t really want to know the wrong news about your favorite artists.

 “I want one! How can I get one?”

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to request or buy Instagram blue ticks. As mentioned earlier, only global brands, public figures, and celebrities have them for now. People with millions of followers usually get Instagram’s validation so other users know that they’re following the right account. Basically, you have to be… popular.

But what if you’re running an online business in Instagram and you’re really not popular at all? You still need to make sure to your users that you’re legit. Still, you cannot request for a verification badge, but you can certainly link your Instagram account to your other social media accounts just to show your followers that you’re a real person.

Look for that blue tick!

Instagram blue ticks or verification badges seem to make Instagram users cool. But it’s not just about that, it’s also about preventing scams and unwanted heartbreaks from your idols. It’s a bit sad that there’s no way for most Instagram users to have their accounts verified, but there’s always another way to confirm to your followers.

Getting that Instagram blue tick is not really impossible. You may even make it your goal in life!