Have you ever wanted to contact bloggers without having to leave comments on their posts for everyone to see? Well, if you have a Tumblr, then you must know about its unique private messaging system!

Tumblr’s Ask feature allows you to send private questions to any blogs you follow. You can even send them anonymously to ensure privacy! With this system, Tumblr separates itself from other blogging platforms, offering a fresh social media experience!

What Makes “Tumblr Ask” Different

Many blogging websites offer a commenting system where you can post your queries on a blogger’s posts. Anonymous or not, these messages can always be seen by everyone reading the post until the blog owner decides to delete them.

Tumblr Ask operates much carefully. All questions, or “asks”, that you send to a Tumblr user’s blog goes through the blog owner first. That is to say, they can decide whether or not to publish your question for everyone to see, or answer privately without anyone else knowing! It’s like keeping a secret!

Who Can You Ask on Tumblr?

“Tumblr Ask” is a default feature that appears in every user’s blog. On a Tumblr user’s page, you will see  on the upper-right hand corner. You can send an ask by tapping the icon.

  • You will usually be greeted with “Ask me something”, but Tumblr users can personalize their ask greetings.

Ask Anonymously

Do you feel shy when asking questions to strangers on the Internet? Switch the anonymous button on and hide your username when asking a question!

  • If you send an anonymous ask to a Tumblr user, they can only answer it publicly or delete it from their inbox. You will not be notified when they respond, so you will have to check back until they answer.

More than Questions

If you see  instead, this means that the Tumblr user allows more than just asking questions! If you tap the icon, you’ll see that they also accept private messages, and you can even submit posts for them to check out!

  • means they have recently posted something. Send them a message while you know they’re online!

  • Sometimes, a user will only allow people they know to send them private messages.

You Got Asks!

Other users might be curious about you and your blog! In your account tab, make sure to check your inbox for anyone who might have looked you up.

Answer the asks publicly, for everyone on your blog to see!

If you want to answer privately, make sure to change the post settings before answering!

Keep Your Questions Quiet!

“Tumblr Ask” elevates Tumblr from a simple blogging service to a more interactive social media experience! The ask system makes a fun and efficient means of communication between Tumblr users. Simple questions can be answered privately if you’re not anonymous. If you get frequently asked questions from your followers, you could post it on your blog for the convenience of everyone! You might even get interesting anonymous asks about how your day is going.

This could start a conversation between you and your followers! You could also be a great giver of advice, so go ahead and give counsel to anyone who might need your words.  Enjoy Tumblr Ask and ask away!